Wednesday, March 16, 2011

That Free Thing

It's high time I added another post. The wonderful thing about Internet marketing is that when you've set up a campaign and then need to take a break for a while, the campaign continues to work for you.

While doing absolutely nothing, I added more people to my Varolo village and I'm starting to earn steady money just by watching ten to fifteen minutes of ads every evening.

I also discovered another very cool network marketing opportunity that has been advertised on Varolo. This one costs a nominal monthly amount to get involved. That nominal fee is easy to make back without sponsoring a single person! That Free Thing is all about showing you how to get free stuff. And no, I'm not talking about those lame offers for free gift cards or electronics that require you to fill out pages and pages of surveys and complete only 300 offers!

I'm talking genuine free stuff--all brought to you in one easy website. The first week after I joined, I was able to get free prescription eyeglasses for my husband. At a $300 value (I only paid $15.00 for shipping), I could be a member of That Free Thing for two years before I paid that amount in monthly fees. And of course I will be getting other free things too. They post new offers daily.

So you can join That Free Thing just for the freebies and you'll more than get your money back. But I said it was also an income earning opportunity, and here's where it gets very interesting. There are two separate ways to get compensated and those two ways work together to add up to big bucks for members.

The first is a simple reward system for sponsoring new members. You earn directly on each of your referrals--40% for your direct referrals and 30% on your second and third level referrals. You earn 40% or 30% of what your referrals earn through the program.

The second way to get paid is through a forced 3 x 8 matrix. Each level of the matrix pays at different percentages of the members' ongoing fees. Since you can only add three people directly under you, any additional people you sponsor get added to your second level. This means that when you join you are likely to get some spillover from whoever sponsored you.

The sooner you join under me, the more likely you are to get spillover as more people join after you, so take the time to study the opportunity, but once you decide it's for you, don't delay.

Remember, even without the network marketing rewards, you do get lots of opportunities to get free stuff just for joining!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A great place to share your website!

Attention Villagers!

I just learned from Varolo about a great online blog called Varolo is Legit where you can share your website and your Varolo custom link.

This blog is dedicated to people who have heard about Varolo and are looking for a sponsor. Simply leave a comment explaining how you intend to support your Varolo villagers and include a link to your website (you can also link to your custom url if you don't yet have a site).

I just left my comment because I will happily take advantage of someone else's promotions when invited to do so. You should do the same. It will only take a few minutes and it may gain you a few villagers.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Important announcement from Varolo regarding the weekly jackpot

Hello Villagers!

Varolo has a very important announcement you must read to ensure that you qualify to win the weekly jackpots. The first drawing will be held at the end of this week, February 13!

There are some steps you need to take before February 13, including agreeing to the contest rules and making sure Varolo can reach you by email, so please read the post carefully.

Each ad you watch qualifies you for a chance to win the weekly jackpot, so keep watching those ads!

Varolo: A New Way to Shop

I'd like to give a warm welcome to Steven B, my newest Villager, and his website Varolo: A New Way to Shop.

Just like me, he built it for free right on Blogger. Now all he needs to do to get more villagers is promote his website--post articles linking back to his blog posts on EzineArticles, StreetArticles and various other article directories, then build back links to both his posts and articles by posting links on Facebook, Twitter and various other social media sites.

Are you in my village? Are you ready to explode your Varolo promotion?

All you have to do is build your own site and then promote it online. If you subscribe to my email list, I take you through the process step by step. The best thing about it is that what I teach you are basic Internet marketing skills that you can use to market anything you want online.

When you have a website, please send it to me (leave a comment or email me watchadsformoney at gmail dot com) and I'll include a link to your site and encourage visitor to check out your site and some of them might sign up through your link.

Are you a brand new visitor to this site and would like to join Varolo? Why not support one of my villagers by visiting their sites and then joining one of their villages? Just take a look at my growing list of Villager Websites in the right margin. Visit a site and join Varolo through the links on the site and you've still joined my village. Then build your own website and let me know so I can add it to my list.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Villager Websites now up!

If you look in the right margin just above the AdSense ads you will notice a brand new list of links which so far has one link in it.

This list is where I showcase websites built by my villagers to grow their villages. If you join my village and build a website (and it can be a Blogger site just like this one is), just send me the link to the site and I will add it to my list. If your site is all about Varolo (like this one is), I'll put in a link to the site home page. If your Varolo promotion is one part of a site that promotes a number of other things as well, I'll put in a link to the most relevant page.

If you come to this site and want to give one of my villagers a real boost, then by all means, visit one of their websites and join through their link. You'll still be in my village ;-)

I'm pleased to welcome my very first villager web page to the list: Watch Ads for Money and Prizes! The author, Kathy Wheeler, is all about finding innovative ways to make money and keep it.

Monday, January 31, 2011

First Varolo Drawing set for February 13!

Everyone watch your ads, because...

Varolo will begin the weekly jackpot drawings starting February 13! Drawings will start at $200.00 a week and go up from there!

You may have already noticed that you now need to watch 140 ads to claim all your village earnings.

Varolo says they are nearing the end of the public beta.

So be sure to log in often and watch those ads. I notice they are loading up on my computer much faster.

And tell your friends about Varolo so they can get in on the fun as well. Be sure to send them your custom link so they can join your village!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rotator Trouble (I think)

First it was Facebook. Now it seems my rotator is giving me problems.

The problem I'm talking about has to do with losing the association between my or your Varolo custom link and my village.

In other words, I have the growing conviction that many people are coming to my websites (including this one), clicking on my Varolo links and joining, but not getting added to my village.

Varolo told me today they have another user who has experienced similar difficulties.

For this reason I am discontinuing the use of a rotator to grow my village until further notice.

It doesn't help either one of us when someone signs up for Varolo and doesn't get added either to my village or your village.

I need to come up with another way I can help you build your village, so stay tuned. In the mean time, I am no longer encouraging you to use a rotator and over time I will be replacing all of my links to my rotator with my husband Erik's custom link.

As I find the time I will try to sleuth out why a rotator should cause trouble, but in the mean time I can't afford to lose any more villagers I worked hard to get.

Fortunately, Varolo is willing to move anyone who did try to join my village into my village manually as long as they know you indeed intended to join my village. If you joined Varolo through this site, you should be in my village. If you are not, I would greatly appreciate it if you could contact Varolo and request to be manually added to my village.

Simply drop them a line at and request to be transferred to Fernanda Powers' village.

In the mean time, please subscribe to my email list and use the many tips I provide to grow your own village! I still want to help you--that has not changed. I only am dropping use of the rotator because I have good reason to suspect that sadly it wasn't helping you or me, at least not consistently.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Full Ad Lineup

I just logged into my Varolo account and noticed that the number of ads I need to watch to claim 100% of my earnings has been changed from the beta number of 80 to the final projected amount of 140.

You now need to watch on average twenty ads a day to claim 100 percent of your earnings.

Even if you don't have a lot of earnings to claim yet, there are several good reasons to watch all your ads.

1. You want to have your routine in place for watching all 140 ads before you have significant earnings to claim. You may not make it the first week trying, and then you'll lose whatever earnings you couldn't claim. Better to lose nothing or a few cents than to lose ten, twenty, or even a hundred dollars after you have worked hard to grow your village.

2. Each ad you watch earns you an entry into the weekly jackpot. Sure, the jackpot is disabled for now, but each day is gets closer to being opened. All your entries will go into the very first weekly jackpot. When you hit 140 ads, then each additional ad view earns you two entries.

3. You might learn about a great product or opportunity you want to buy or pursue. I first learned about the cash back shopping network Big Crumbs through their ad on Varolo. Hey, if I buy some of the products I see advertised on Varolo through my Big Crumbs account, I'll get cashback on each purchase!

Keep growing your village. If you haven't subscribed to my email list where I send you step by step instructions for growing your village using basic Internet marketing, please take a moment to subscribe so we can work a bit more closely together.

While you're growing your village, be sure to watch all your ads. Log in at different times of the day to catch the ads that only show at certain times, and be sure to click on the movie reel icons as well as the advertiser logos.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting your articles out far and wide

Did you submit your first article to EzineAritcles? Congratulations! If you've never submitted an article before, this is truly a great accomplishment. Even if you have done this many times, each new article you submit is another feather in your cap.

If this is your first visit to this blog and you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry. I will teach you how to do some basic Internet marketing. You can get my tips and tutorials delivered in the right order straight to your inbox. All you have to do is subscribe to my email list--just fill out the easy form below. Then join my Varolo village. When you get my emails, open them and take action on what you've read! That's it.

Back to submitting articles. Now it's time to do it again, and again, and again. Remember your two lists of keywords? Now it's time to target each one of them, especially the ones on your ultra hot list. First, publish a blog post targeting that keyword. Then write and submit an article also targeting that same keyword. Then move on to the next keyword and repeat.

How quickly should you be submitting articles? That is entirely up to you. Much of Internet marketing is a numbers game. The more content you publish online, the more traffic you get to your website. The more traffic you get to your website, the more likely you will get people joining your Varolo village.

As soon as you submit one article, your focus should move towards writing the next article, and then the next, and then the next... until you start getting articles approved. Then you will want to build backlinks to those articles (which for the time being means you send them to me once you've subscribed to my list).

You decide on how often you want to submit an article. You could write one a day, one a week, several a week. You could even build up to three or four a day once you really get the hang of it. The important thing is to set yourself a writing schedule and a pace you can stick with over the long haul. Don't write 20 articles in one week and then burn out and not write another article for months. It's much better to write five articles over the course of four weeks and then keep going. Whatever schedule you want to set for yourself is fine. Just stick with it.

So far I've told you to submit articles to EzineArticles. EzineArticles is the very best article directory out there but not the only one. Here is a list of a few more that you should also join:





Today, choose four or five more to join, then register an account with each one.

An interesting question that comes up is this: Is it a good idea to submit the same article to more than one directory?

You can do it. Each directory wants only one version of each article you write. Don't submit duplicate content to the same directory. But you can submit the same content to all the other directories unless a particular directory requires that your article be exclusive to that directory. Check out the terms and FAQ for each directory to be sure, but for the most part they don't require exclusivity.

Should you do it? That question gets debated among Internet marketers and I haven't found any consensus on the subject. A lot of it depends on what exactly you are trying to accomplish through your article and that gets into nitty gritty stuff that I haven't even touched on.

Here's what I do right now (and I may change my practice as I learn more so take is simply as my opinion right now). I start with EzineArticles. In my experience those articles consistently rank for the keyword I'm targeting. EzineArticles has that high page rank that makes it relatively easy to land your articles on the first page of Google.

EzineArticles can get picky about certain things. You may have already noticed the automated editing they provide right on the submission form. One thing they get picky about is how many words you hyperlink in your resource box. When I've targeted a particularly long keyword--one that is made up of five or six words, I run into the issue where I can't link the entire keyword to my website. Sometimes EzineArticles gets hung up about certain words used in the title.

Whenever I run into an issue with EzineArticles that affects my keyword I make the adjustments and publish the article anyway. But then I immediately submit it to one or two of the other directories that aren't so picky to make sure I get to properly target the keyword. I often use GoArticles and ArticleBase that way.

If I have no issues with publishing to EzineArticles, I usually stop with EzineArticles.

Another reason I may submit to more than one directory is if I'm targeting a more competitive keyword. Then I'll get it out to more directories.

Even when the keywords are low competition and EzineArticles accepts your submission with no problems there are good reasons to spread your content around. Each time you publish content on another website, you create a link to your site. If you get links to many different sites that makes your website look popular to Google. If you're trying to rank your actual website on page one, then it's good to build links from a wide variety of websites--especially ones that you know have high page rank.

But if your goal is to simply get traffic to your site, then as long as the one article you submitted ranks well (and we'll go into how to get it to rank even better later), it should be enough. Most of my articles promoting Varolo just get submitted to EzineArticles. You should definitely submit to EzineArticles. If you want to branch out, then submit a few of them to other directories as well.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Submitting your first article

You have your own website. check. You have an author account on EzineArticles. check. Now you are ready to submit your first article.

The first thing you need to do is choose the keyword you will target in your article. Choose one from your ultra hot list. An article I wrote after I set up this site targeted the keyword "find money for free" so I will use that as my example.

Next you need to write a blog post on your website targeting that keyword. Name your blog post after your keyword, for example Find money for free. In your blog post, you can talk specifically about Varolo and definitely include your Varolo custom link. You want people to click on your custom link and join your village. Use the keyword you are targeting about once for every hundred words. This gives your post a keyword density of one percent, which optimizes it for the search engines while still allowing it to read naturally for your visitors.

In targeting the keyword "find money for free" I talk about how Varolo helps you find money for free. It's free to sign up, there is no cost to promote it, etc., etc. Say whatever you want as long as it's true and in your own words. Just like with writing the initial content on your site don't get too hung up on getting it perfect. Just write, do a quick check for spelling, grammar and general readability, and publish. You can always edit it later, but you need it published.

After you publish your blog post, view the post and highlight and copy the post url. It will look something like if you've published it in Blogger. Make sure you are not grabbing the main url for the blog which looks like, but the link to the actual post. This is going to be the page you link to when you submit your article on EzineArticles.

Once you have written your post, log on to EzineArticles and compose a similar article in the article body section to the post you just published with some important key differences.

1. Do not include any affiliate links, including your Varolo custom link. EzineArticles does not allow affiliate links in their articles, which is why you have to send your article readers to your own website. EzineArticles does not particularly like links in the article body. They allow up to two, but I just don't include any. So no links.

2. Be careful about mentioning Varolo by name. It's not strictly forbidden but EzineArticles does not like articles that appear to be overly promotional. While your blog post is clearly promoting Varolo (and encouraging people to join through your link), your EzineArticles article needs to be purely informational.

Talk about programs that reward people for watching ads in general. Talk about what makes for a good program (which of course would be one that has all the great features Varolo has), how such programs work, and how people can make the most of them. For example, they are going to need to get referrals, refer advertisers, etc. Offer tips to help people evaluate the merits of programs they encounter and any other information you believe would be helpful. Think about the kind of information that would help you decide on an appropriate opportunity.

The other thing you need to consider is that when you refer to Varolo by name, you may lose a certain amount of traffic to overeager readers opening up a new browser tab and typing in and joining that way. While you referred them to Varolo, you are not going to benefit from them joining. To make sure they first go to your website, keep them in suspense about the actual name of the program. Their curiosity may motivate them to click through to your site just to find out, and that's what you want.

Be sure to use your targeted keyword about one percent of the time and add it to the keyword field in the EzineArticles submission form.

Your article title should include the targeted keyword as well. I start my title with the keyword and then add to it, for example Find Money for Free: Understand How Income Opportunities on the Internet Work and How to Benefit.

The abstract should include a couple sentences summarizing the article. You can usually find a couple sentences in the article itself to use. If you don't choose your sentences, EzineArticles automatically fills in the first few sentences of your article.

The resource box is where you finally get to promote yourself and your website. Include your keyword and hyperlink it to the blog post you just created. Write a sentence or two about how the reader can get more information from your site and call them to take action with action words such as Go, Visit, Click, etc. I included this text in the article I published targeting "find money for free:" Where to find money for free is one of many topics covered on my website Watch Ads for Money. Visit Watch Ads for Money to join the opportunity of a lifetime that meets all four qualifications.

Notice that I linked to the specific blog post targeting that keyword. The reason can be summed up in a single word: relevance. When people go online they are looking for an answer to a specific question they have. They ask the question by typing a keyword into the search box, in this example "find money for free." They are essentially asking the Internet how to find money for free.

When you publish an article targeting the keyword "find money for free," you are offering to answer that question for them. First they will see your article on EzineArticles. Your article will begin to answer their question but hint at an even more thorough answer they can get by going to your website. When they click through to your website, they don't want you to abruptly change the subject on them. They still want to know how they can find money for free. If you don't continue to answer that question they will go searching for the answer elsewhere.

In your EzineArticles article you give them some general information about online programs out there that can help them find money for free. On your website you hone in on the best program they could join to help them find money for free and you present them with the opportunity to join the best program (Varolo) through your custom link. When they click on your custom link, they go on to learn more specifically about Varolo through the introductory videos and hopefully they become convinced to create their free profile, and voila, you have gained a new villager, because you did such a great job of answering their question.

Take a look at this blog post for some examples of articles I have submitted to EzineArticles. Read the article and feel free to use some of the ideas (though never ever copy--EzineArticles and I consider that to be plagiarism and plagiarism is evil). Follow the links in the articles back to my relevant web pages and read those again so you can get an understanding of the flow of relevance from article to web page to Varolo's site (through my link).

Once you have filled in all the fields in the article submission form, preview your article and make sure everything looks right and test the links in your resource box. If you see a mistake that needs to be fixed, close the preview window and keep editing, then preview again. Once you're satisfied, close the preview window, agree to the terms and hit the submit button.

EzineArticles will process your submission, then show a message that it has received your submission and will review your article. For new authors that review process can take up to 7 to 10 days.

Congratulations, you have just submitted your first article! Take a bit of time to celebrate your new accomplishment as an Internet marketer. Then start working on your second article. Just follow the steps in this post all over again.

At this time I want to mention another special bonus you will receive when you subscribe to my email list. If you are in my village and you subscribe to my email list, you can send me a link to your article as soon as it publishes and I will post a link to your article on my Facebook and Twitter accounts and possibly a few other places.

These links, called backlinks, boost your article's ranking in the search engines. I will talk more about backlinks and how to build them in future posts, but for now I'm happy to give you a jump start by building some of them for you. First you must be in my Varolo village and second you must subscribe to my email list by filling out the form below (unless you are already subscribed).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Very Important Varolo Update Regarding Facebook

From Varolo's blog:

Facebook recently made a change to their website that is impacting the ability for villagers to use their custom links on Facebook. If you copy and paste your custom link to Facebook, they will create a “link” below your status message that people can click on. THIS LINK IS NOT YOUR CUSTOM LINK. THEY CUT OFF THE END OF YOUR CUSTOM LINK THAT WILL PUT PEOPLE IN YOUR VILLAGE. So you must be very careful when posting your custom link to Facebook. First, you can remove the link that Facebook creates and just leave the copy and pasted link which will work. Second, we have found that if you type text AFTER your pasted link, it seems to retain the entire custom link rather than cutting it off. THIS IS A PROBLEM WITH FACEBOOK, NOT VAROLO OR YOUR VAROLO CUSTOM LINK. However, if you aren’t careful, people will be signing up but not be put in your village because of this Facebook issue.

The Varolo Team

Earn cash for free

In this day and age it seems everyone wants something for nothing, but life doesn't work that way. Or does it? You are looking for a way to earn cash for free. Does such a way exist? If so, how do you find it?

The very first question you need to ask yourself whenever you encounter an opportunity to make money--whether the opportunity is free or paid--is where will the money you make come from? In the case of paid opportunities, the money comes from people's registration fees. However there needs to be an additional source of money to make it sustainable.

This is especially true if the opportunity is free to join. You're not going to be making money off other people's registration fees, so where will the money you make come from?

For many of these earn cash for free opportunities--and yes, they can be legitimate--the answer is advertising. Advertising fuels the growing trend of giving things away on the Internet. You can get free laptops, gift cards, and even cash by jumping through a few hoops.

Your next question needs to be what hoops will you need to jump through to earn cash for free. What tasks will you need to perform?

The benefit for those giving away the goods is that all the hoops you jump through have to do with advertisers getting their products in front of you and hoping you buy them.

The hoops you jump through can sometimes be quite extensive, truly stretching the "free" part if you value your time. Some people consider the reward to be worth it; others don't. It's your decision.

The point is you need to go into those earn cash for free opportunities with the understanding that you are going to have to do something to earn that cash. That something may be completing offers, qualifying for surveys, watching commercials in their entirety, referring friends, even referring advertisers.

Referring friends and advertisers is actually easier than it sounds if you understand and apply some Internet marketing basics. You will need to have your own website--very easy to do these days--and in various ways drive traffic to that site. You will then direct visitors to your site to join your opportunity through your unique referral link. You can attract and refer advertisers in the same way.

Effective Internet marketing takes an up front investment of time, but once you set things up, your work can pay you back many times over rewarding you beyond what you'd normally expect from the average day job. However, the work you do up front is real work. There is no free ride in that sense.

If you are up to learning and applying some Internet marketing basic skills, you have come to the right place. Varolo is the very best earn cash for free program I have encountered (and believe me I've seen a lot!). You watch commercials and earn rewards which include points and jackpot entries. The real fun starts when you refer others and grow your village (or downline) and begin earning cash on all the ads your referrals watch.

Growing your village isn't hard when you use Internet marketing. I provide training in the Internet marketing basics in my blog posts and through my email list. When you subscribe to my email list, you get a little bit of training starting from the beginning delivered right to your inbox several times a week! I also offer various bonuses when you join my village and subscribe to my email list.

Ready to get started? Click here to learn more about Varolo and join my village. Then complete the form below to subscribe to my email list.