Monday, January 3, 2011

Ads for Cash

You may have heard about the many online websites that in one form or another allow you to view ads for cash. Because there are so many of them it may be difficult to sort through them all and choose which one is the best Ads for cash program for you. You could in theory just join all of them but then you have to keep track of each one. You also have to make sure you log in regularly or, as I learned the hard, way you could lose all your accrued earnings.

If you could only join one ads for cash program, how would you decide which one?

A great ads for cash program should have the following features:

  1. Completely free to join with no paid upgrade options
  2. Immediate reward on your actions
  3. Multitiered referral program with rewards on your referrals' actions
  4. Ability to earn by referring advertisers.
Let's look at each feature in greater detail.

1. Completely free to join with no paid upgrade options
Your willingness to view advertisements is an asset to any Ads for Cash program. You should never be charged a fee for the privilege of watching commercials. The free membership option should also be the complete membership package with all the bells and whistles. There should not be a paid upgrade option. You should get it all in the free option.

Varolo is an ads for cash program that is completely free to join with no upgrade options. Please click here to learn how Varolo works.

2. Immediate reward on your actions
When you participate in the program by viewing commercial messages, you should be rewarded in some way. The rewards can come in the form of points, jackpot entries, prizes, coupons and even cash. You should be able to see some immediate results from your participation.

Keep in mind that when it comes to advertising, individual ad views cost pennies, so the rewards on your actions will be small. You will not be able to earn a living clicking on ads all day. However you should still realize some small immediate reward. Cash jackpot entries make a great reward because they give you at least a chance to turn your actions into a large cash prize. Watching an ad or two is a better way to enter to win cash than buying a lottery ticket!

Varolo rewards you in two ways for each ad you watch. The first is through entries into the weekly jackpot. Each ad you watch earns you one jackpot entry. Once you have watched 140 ads for the week, each additional ad you watch earns you two jackpot entries.

The second is through points that can be redeemed for gift cards and electronics such as DVD players and iPads. Each ad you watch earns you from one to five points depending on how much the advertiser paid for the ad view.

3. Multitiered referral program with rewards on your referrals' actions
This is extremely important because the type of referral program in place can have a big impact on your bottom line. The only way to turn fractions of pennies per ad view into a substantial income is to collect those fractions from a large number of referrals. To gain the number of referrals you need, you will need to be able to benefit not only from your direct referrals but also from their referrals down to several levels.

In this way, you work hard to get as many direct referrals as you can, but then the work done by your direct referrals to gain their referrals will also pay off for you. It will also allow you gain thousands of referrals and get a commission off each one's actions.

There should be no limit to the number of referrals you can get at any level. In this way, your income potential is only limited by the number of people in your downline.

Varolo pays you a commission for each ad viewed by a member of your downline, or village. Commissions are paid down to the fourth referral level, and in some cases, the fifth. To claim your earnings for the week you watch 140 ads. The more people in your village watching ads, the greater your village earnings.

Click here to learn more about your Varolo Village

4. Ability to earn by referring advertisers
Advertising is the life blood of any ads for cash program. A successful program will provide a way for you to refer advertisers and to earn a commission off each and every ad view purchased by your referred advertisers for as long as that advertiser is a customer.

Referring advertisers to the program can provide you with another source of income, this one not dependent on how many users are in your downline. In this way you benefit even from ads viewed by people who are not in your downline.

Varolo has an Associate Program where you can earn commissions from referring advertisers. Once an advertiser signs up under you, you will earn a percentage of all ad views purchased by that advertiser for as long as he remains a Varolo customer.

Click here to learn more about the Varolo Associate Program

The ads for cash program you join and invest your time and energy into should have all four features. Once you find one that does, you have struck gold. Don't hesitate to join it and get your friends involved.

Join Varolo Now

Once you join it, learn how to promote it through Internet marketing. I provide many tips for growing your village and referring advertisers using Internet marketing techniques on this site. I also offer exclusive bonuses to active members of my Varolo village.

Plan to regularly invest time on your Internet marketing promotions and your efforts should reward you down the road.

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