Your Varolo Village

Do you know someone who would like to earn some extra cash?  Do you know anyone who enjoys playing a good computer game?

I bet they'd be interested in an opportunity like Varolo.  Varolo does have some features that make it similar to a game.  It has levels of achievement and awards points.  You get rewarded for reaching higher levels with extra jackpot entries, more points and even more cash.

The greatest achievement you will work towards is growing your Varolo Village.  The week-in, week-out cash comes from the activities of the people in your village.  When they watch ads, you earn cash.  To claim those earnings, you watch all your ads.

Varolo will compensate you for ads viewed by your villagers down to the fourth level.  This means that when you refer Bob, and Bob refers Susan, and Susan refers John, and John refers Jessica, all four of these people become part of your village.  Bob joins your first level, Susan joins your second level, John joins your third level, and Jessica joins your fourth level.

When Bob (1st level) watches ads, you earn eight percent of the ad view cost, which is paid by the advertiser.  You earn six percent of the ad view cost when Susan (2nd level) watches ads, four percent when John (3rd level) watches ads, and two percent when Jessica (4th level) watches ads.  Once Varolo formally launches (it is in public beta now), the minimum ad view cost will be one cent, but some ads may cost as much as five cents per ad view.

Fractions of pennies per ad view may not sound like much, and it really isn't if you only have a few active villagers.  To really make it work, you are going to need to build a large active village.  This entire website is dedicated to helping you make the most of your Varolo membership by helping you build a large active village.

There are two general ways you can go about building your village.
  1. Refer your personal friends and acquaintances to Varolo.  Make a point to contact each one you believe would be interested and share your referral url with them (do not spam your entire contact list).  You don't have to say too much, as Varolo explains itself quite well in its introductory two minute video.  Because Varolo is completely free to join, if you can get your friend to check it out, odds are good he'll sign up.  You can also periodically post your referral link on Facebook, Twitter and any other social networking sites you are part of.
  2. Refer people you don't even know to Varolo through Internet marketing.  I have written a step by step tutorial that I encourage you to follow if you want to go that route.  The advantage of Internet marketing is that you will be targeting people who are looking for just the opportunity that Varolo offers.  Most of your personal friends probably are not looking for the opportunity so they may not respond to your invitation.  This website is an example of Internet marketing, and you probably found it by searching for related keywords.
Growing a large and active village is important because that's how you make your weekly earnings.  You will need to watch your ads to claim those earnings.  If you have a hundred dollars waiting for you to claim, are you going to watch your ads?

I bet you will, and that's the secret to motivating your villagers to watch their ads.  Villagers who also have a healthy village will be motivated to watch their ads every week.  Villagers who don't have a large and active village will be less motivated to watch their ads.  You have much to gain by doing all you can to help your villagers grow their own villages.

If you are in my village and want to get basic Internet marketing training that will help you grow your village delivered right to your inbox, please subscribe to my email list.  You will receive further instructions once you confirm your subscription.

How do you know if you're in my village?  If you joined Varolo through any of the links on this site or any of my other sites (I have a few), you joined my village. 

Once people join your village, you are more than welcome to invite them to check out this site.  My goal is for this site to become a community for people to support and encourage each other on our journey to true success and profitability with Varolo.  I want us to share our success stories and tips and techniques for growing our villages and other helpful tips for navigating Varolo's website.  While I don't have an actual forum, I will be setting up topical blog posts that you can comment on.

Join my village and let's work together to grow your village!

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